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WHAT TO EXPECT: This class will include a 5 minute dynamic warm up. WE ARE ON THE MOVE! No block will be longer than 2 minutes! We are working with compound exercises, which involves your entire muscular system to help perform each exercise. Most exercises will be 2 combined into one, which will naturally elevate your heart rate without doing cardio. We will make our way through 7 short blocks that we will be repeating 3-4 times. After the 7 blocks, we are going into 1-3 minutes of fast feet freestyle cardio where I will call out what to do on the fly! High calorie burning day…don’t be surprised by the last round or 2 each block blends into the next and we just KEEP GOING! That’s how we roll ...

Whip Cream Wednesday

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  • Training On-Demand | Whip Cream Wednesday

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